The Peak Performing Professor: A Practical Guide to Productivity and Happiness

Part I: Powering and Aligning Your Activities

A faculty job can be a very satisfying life-long career IF it is handled well. This practical interactive workshop, based on the evidence-based Peak Performing Professor model, will explore the challenge of the tripartite professor job description (teaching, research, and service) and how to balance those responsibilities with a great personal life. Long-term work-life balance requires a combination of two things: a vision of what is needed for professional and personal success and the work habits used by successful academics to achieve long-term work and life satisfaction. Hint: Doing everything well all of the time is not the answer.

You will learn how to PACE yourself with these practices:

The benefits of applying the PACE practices will allow you to:

Part II: Connecting and Energizing for Success

Success in any profession requires two components: engaging in high yield activities and connecting with like-minded colleagues for mutual success. Faculty joke that their jobs would be easy if it weren’t for people, politics, and personalities. What they don’t realize is that while their degrees qualify them for their jobs, success in their jobs depends on their ability to work with people. The first half of the Peak Performing Professor workshop will encourage you to work from strength to discern the high-yield activities that lead to high productivity, life balance, and satisfaction. The second half of this day long workshops will apply social neuroscience research findings to the skills faculty need to engage colleagues and students quickly and without anxiety, collaborate for success with ease instead of intimidation, and create mutually beneficial relationships. It will also give you some tips for managing stress and staying energized for the long haul of this interesting and rewarding career.

You will learn how to Connect and Energize yourself through these practices:

The benefits of applying the Connect and Energize practices will allow you to:

Audiences: All teaching faculty but particularly early career faculty

Suggested Time Frames:

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